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 Rs.3211 / US$50
 Black Beauty 
 Black Beauty 
 Rs.3560 / US$55
 Rs.8027 / US$125
You can also find Birds Paintings in the Harmeen-studio. Different varieties of birds are depicted in this category of paintings. There are some paintings of birds in this section, which are Black Beauty, Buddies, Jungle and Lonesome. The name Black Beauty has been given to the first painting because of the color of the birds in that painting. The birds in the painting are in beautiful black color. The painting is a feast for the eyes. The second painting, Buddies, show three birds of same species sitting close to each other. Third painting of this section is called Jungle. It shows a mix of bird of various species as found in a jungle and thus the name. Lonesome is the fourth and last painting in this section and it shows a lonesome bird away from its group sitting on a reed near a water body.
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