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About Harmeen

A journey that started a long time back in the ancient times and reached the pinnacle of popularity during the Renaissance in 14th and 15th century Italy, continued a long way to be in vogue in contemporary India. There are very few artists in India who have worked towards the revival of “Glass Painting” -a dying art, which once had devoted practitioners in the country during the beginning of 18th century. Harmeen has taken a leaf out of it and has brought the art to connoisseurs all over the world.
Harmeen does exactly what she could do the best–explore the creativity within her. She unleashed her creativity in various fields and one can easily find them scripted on her diverse art works. Harmeen’s glass paintings are the earnest efforts of bringing the ‘once lost’ art for one more time to the art lovers, and even manifest their aesthetic appeal.
She has a novel approach towards expressing subtle beauties with the help of her deep understanding of this art form. The innermost expressions find their reflection through the camaraderie between multiple colors and patterns. Her creativity breathes life into glass, which she uses as a tool to embark on her artistic odyssey.

The rich art works are created on the sheet of glass using the intricate painting technique. The most surprising fact of this sort of art form is that the painting is created on the back of the glass sheet and hence it is often known as Reverse Glass Painting. This has to be done in such a way that the painting gets its real form when it is seen from the front.

It’s quite a difficult task to tell when Glass Painting came into existence for the first time. However, it became a fashion during the Renaissance in Italy, especially in Venice and Island of Murano. Initially these art works were miniatures, which were used in the churches. In course of time, the art got a touch of maturity, and found expression through painted portraits, landscapes and biblical representations on the glasses. By the 17th century, the Glass Painting started spreading to different countries across the world. In the early 18th century, it touched the Indian shores when it showcased its splendor in the western part of the country, especially in the state of Gujarat. The Indian version of glass paintings saw the domination of bright colors, portraits of God, ornamental nature, women and mythological figures. In many of Harmeen’s work, we can see the same tradition intricately weaved in the various images and patterns on glass.

During the 10th century, as a new form of art called Stained Glass Painting started flourishing, it had a huge impact on the genre of glass painting. Stained Glass paintings were mostly used in the windows of churches, cathedrals, chapels and other significant buildings. In the following days, we witnessed a growing use of these innovative paintings for other purposes as well. However, Reverse Glass Painting continued to be treated in high esteem earning the respect of the art lovers for its high degree of intricacy. This form of art work certainly calls for some diverse degrees of conceptions and skills.

Harmeen’s painting collection includes over 300 glass paintings on an array of subjects. The paintings depicting the images of God, flowers, fish patterns, pottery, birds, ships, horses, and traditional Indian art are something worth admiring. The original masterpieces of Harmeen showcase her creativity and passion. Her imagination finds expression in these creations. That the artist has been influenced by great Picasso reflects in her paintings. Harmeen has recreated Picasso’s immortal creations on glasses. The paintings like Girl Before A Mirror, Child With A Dove, Portrait of Marie, and First Steps and others will surely deserve art lovers’ appreciation.

Here we present the exquisite collections of Harmeen’s works to all the admirers of fine arts. You can browse through a rich catalogue of paintings and pick your chosen ones. New paintings are regularly adding up to the already tempting collection.
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