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 Rs.4858.243 / US$75.65
 Teen Dost 
 Teen Dost 
 Rs.10467.86 / US$163.00
Horse is a beautiful animal and Harmeen Kaur has wonderfully captured its beauty in her Paintings Of Horses. There are some paintings in this section depicting the beauty of horses. Horses are known for their speed. They are used for racing, people conduct various races in which horses are made to run. Harmeen, inspired by this created these wonderful paintings of horses. A woman standing with a horse, questioning the implicit meaning of life is depicted in the first painting of this section that is called Lost. Second painting, Teen Dost is an emblem of friendship. The third painting in this section is called Speed. In this painting, the speed with which horses run has been beautifully depicted. Fourth painting is called Horse racing and it shows three horses running in a race.
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