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 Rs.6903 / US$107
In God Images, you will find beautiful paintings of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna. The paintings depicting Lord Ganesha in various postures are Devadeva, Sitting Ganesha, Gajanana, Avaneesh, Purush, Sarvadevtam and many more. The painting of Devadeva portrays a woman offering puja thali to Lord Ganesha. The painting of Sitting Ganesha depicts Ganesha in the sitting posture. Gajanana painting depicts Lord Ganesha with Motichoor Laddoos in hand. The painting named Avaneesh shows lord Ganesha gracefully sitting on a stool. Purush is a painting in traditional colors of Lord Ganesha. Sarvadevtman painting is absolutely stunning. Sarvadevtman is a Sanskrit word, which means the lord of everyone. These and many more paintings of Ganesha will surely capture your attention and leave you spell bound and awe-struck. Besides Lord Ganesha, there are some paintings depicting Lord Krishna. One such paining is Radhe-Krishna in which Lord Krishna and Radha are standing and Radha is playing the flute.
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