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Begum is a lovely glass painting that comes from the vast collection of paintings made tastefully by Harmeen Kaur. The dimensions of this magnificent painting are 10" x 9". This hand made painting portrays a beautiful married lady sitting in a very elegant posture. The main attraction of this exquisite painting is the pose in which the begum-the portrayed married woman is sitting. This lady is clad stylishly in her traditional attire. This painting will certainly adorn its ambience. Limited stock of this breath taking painting is available. So hurry, or else you will miss this stylish art piece.
About Harmeen
Harmeen does exactly what she could do the best–explore the creativity within her. She unleashed her creativity in various fields and one can easily find them scripted on her diverse art works. Harmeen’s glass paintings are the earnest efforts of bringing the ‘once lost’ art for one more time to the art lovers, and even manifest their aesthetic appeal. harmeen
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Glass Painting Depicting Village Fish Market Scene
Glass paintings displayed on the site are the authentic work by Harmeen. Collection of unique painting is not a factory product but the presentation of unique creativity by Harmeen.
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